School Council

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What is the School Council?

Our active School Council is determined to make sure that the Pupil Voice is heard and that changes can be made to improve our brilliant school.  We meet at least once a half term and discuss items on the agenda, plan future events and share suggestions from our school community.  We have Class Council meetings to share the news with our peers and discuss the items on the next agenda.  This way everyone gets to have their say.  There is also a School Council suggestions box that can be accessed all the time in school and a display board explaining all the items that the school Council are currently working on.

Who are the School Councillors?

Our School Councillors were all democratically elected at the beginning of the Autumn Term. There were hustings, presentations about why we should vote for them and then an election. Two children were elected from each KS1 and KS2 classes.  A previous School Councillor has also been chosen to support the Year 1 children with sharing their class ideas at the meetings.  

Autumn 2023

During the Autumn Term the School Council decided to support the Hedgehog Ambassadors by supporting the Hedgehog Sanctuary, Water Aid and a local cancer charity. Two ambassadors are going to help the School bursar by planting trees in the Forest School and improving our school environment. We are also discussing the new Behaviour System in Class Council to make sure that Pupil Voice is included in this important document.



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