Fireflies Monday 22nd June

Date: 22nd Jun 2020 @ 1:17pm

Hello Fireflies,

I hope you are all still smiling and staying safe. I miss you all very much but I just wanted to say thank you very much to those of you who have sent me work you’ve been doing. It really has been so lovely to see and it makes me very happy! I can see you have tried hard with your learning. Here are the learning activities I’d like you to complete this week.

English – This week I’d like you to choose 10 spellings to learn and get someone at home to test you on them. If you are in year 4 pick words from the Year 3/4 word list and if you are in Year 5 pick them from the Year 5/6 word list. Let me know how you get on. 

Using the activity work sheet Animal Town. I’d like you to complete the activities below.

Animal Town

  1. Sentence challenge

Use verbs and adverbs to describe what each of the animals in the picture are doing?

Remember a verb is a doing word and an adverb modifies the verbs (describes the action).
E.g. The zebra meanders lazily across the road.


  1. Sick sentences

These sentences are ‘sick’ and need help to get better. Can you help? Use what you know from the last activity to help make them ‘better.’
A lion sat on the van.
A giraffe put his head out through the window.
The zebra walked across the road.


Choose one of the writing activities:

  • Imagine you are a visitor in Animal Town.  Write a paragraph to describe your experience.
  • Write a recount about your day as one of the residents (animals) that lives in ‘Animal town’.
  • Write a short story following on from the story starter:

As I was peacefully strolling to the shops, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  A giraffe was riding a bicycle whilst eating an ice cream! I then turned around to see…  

Maths – This week we are looking at co-ordinates. Co-ordinates tell us where something is on a map/grid. When we write co-ordinates, they are always written in a certain order.

  • The horizontal distance first (x axis)
  • Then the vertical distance (y axis)
  • The numbers are separated by a comma and brackets are put around the whole thing like this: (3,2)

Watch this clip to help you and complete the two quick activities.

If you want to make sure you feel secure with co-ordinates complete the co-ordinates activity sheets in the files. Then have a go at playing battle ships with someone at home – see in the files section below.


Feeling confident? Try and complete the missing co-ordinates activity. For each question you have to complete a shape however there are some co-ordinates missing. Can you find the missing co-ordinate needed to complete the shape? The sheets start off easier and get more difficult. If you struggle don’t worry just complete what you can!


If you do not have a printer don’t worry try playing this online game - only play games in the first quadrant.


We have certainly seen our fair share of amazing weather these past few weeks. This week I’d like you to create a piece of artwork that links to summer. It could be your favourite flower, favourite part of the garden, a sunset or sunrise - anything you think of when you hear summer!


PSHE and Wellbeing

Watch the short story

What is the moral of the story? A moral is the lesson of the story e.g. forgiveness, fair play.

Think of a time when you were kind to someone. How did this make you feel? Has there been a time you have shown kindness to somebody? How do you think that made them feel?

Kindness at home – choose 5 or more kind gestures you can do for someone.

You can find these in the files section below.


I hope you all have a wonderful week and remember to keep up with your reading!

Mrs Baron


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