Caterpillars looked at and talked about the different foods that are grown on farms, in orchards, above the ground, below the ground and on bushes or trees. We sorted them into fruits and vegetables. Some of them have strange names and are grown all around the World in different continents and countries. We then printed with real fruits and vegetables and made a basket by weaving with art straws and painting them brown. Each of us had a favourite fruit or vegetable which we tried to describe using different adjectives in a spoken sentence. Click on the video links to watch! 

We also learned how our donations for Harvest go to the local foodbank who then provide for families who are struggling to have enough food to eat. These families are very thankful for our donations to the foodbank and we are being good Christians by helping others like in the story 'The Good Samaritan!' that Jesus told. Our class value is 'Thankfulness' and this has helped us to understand a little more.

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