Fireflies Monday 29th June

Date: 29th Jun 2020 @ 6:40am

Hello my lovely Fireflies,

I hope you have all had a lovely week. The past couple of weeks have been very exciting in our house as my little Henry has officially started to walk! He is very proud of himself and smiles all the time! I’ve really enjoyed seeing the work you have sent in so far, make sure you keep sending it.

Here is the work that I’d like you to complete this week.


English – How did you all get on with learning 10 spellings? This week I’d like you to choose another ten spellings from the word list. Year 4 choose from the Year 3/4 list and Year 5 choose from the Year 5/6 list – they can be found on Fireflies class page.

I’d like you to try and complete one of these 60 second reads. You have 60 seconds to read the short passage, after 60 seconds you answer the five questions next to it. There are 3 levels to pick from.

Thanks to mobile phones and technology, people don’t tend to write letters much these days! With that in mind, I’d like you to think of someone you know who may enjoy receiving a letter from you, and get writing! It could be a grandparent or member of your family who has been feeling isolated, or even a friend that you haven’t seen for a while. You could write to tell them what you have been up to recently, and remember to ask them questions, too! Remember you should try and use the following:

  • use your neatest handwriting
  • write in full sentences
  • use paragraphs
  • adverbs
  • description (noun phrases)

Maths – This week I have set you a little challenge on Sum Dog that I’d like you to complete, you have a full week to complete this challenge. Once you have done that I’d like you to try the emoji maths code breaking activity. It starts off with simple numbers and then moves on to larger numbers.

After you’ve completed them you could try making your own for someone at home to complete. Could you use an addition, subtraction, multiplication and division?


Theme – Science

In the files section below you will find a fun science investigation linked to our science topic. We had started to talk about how sound is created through vibrations in the air and I think investigation is a bit of fun for you to try out. Let me know how you get on.

I would also like you to create a poster that explains to someone how we hear sound. Try and include this key vocabulary – vibrations, vibrate, vibrating, air, pitch, sound, hear, volume, loud, faint.


Don’t forget there are lots of links on the home learning page for you to have a go at too!

Take care everyone and keep smiling,

Mrs Baron

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