Caterpillar's remote learning 14.6.21 Group 1 pupils

Date: 11th Jun 2021 @ 1:12pm

Dear Parents,

Remote learning WC 14th June 2021. 

In March we had a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) week, learning all about the oceans and creatures which the children really enjoyed, I would like to continue this theme this week using ‘The Rainbow Fish Story’.

Resources: Children can use recycling items e.g. empty cereal boxes, plastic bottles, tubs, foil, and craft items (buttons, beads, stickers, foam or paper shapes). You may have plasticine, playdough, saltdough or ingredients to make these (lots of easy recipes online)

Drawing etc can be done in yellow books. If you’d like to photo or video any activities that’s fabulous! You can send to my email if you prefer.

Daily reading or phonics:

reading eggs/fast track phonics via logins and passwords

BBC Cbeebies Mr Tumble, Aplhablocks

Maths :  numberblocks or visit Purplemash Maths City

With support visit Topmarks maths/English online for activities for 3-5 year olds

Theme: The Rainbow Fish


Monday: Watch the story by Marcus Pfister

Tuesday: Talk about the story. What happens and why?

Wednesday: Draw the ’Wise Octopus’ and the Rainbow Fish

Thursday: Role-play (act out) favourite part of the story.

Friday: Can you make props to tell the story?


Maths: Daily active warm-ups – counting songs /shape/ across the week (watch BBC Supermovers or Jack Hartman on Youtube)

Monday: Pattern and shape - create colourful 2D or 3D patterned fish, different shapes and sizes.  (you could do 2D on Purplemash art fish template)

Tuesday: Name and describe the 2D/3D shapes you used for your fish yesterday

Wednesday: Draw shoals of fish in groups of  2.  How many in two groups of 2, 3 groups of 2?

Thursday: Learn the number rhyme 1,2,3, 4, 5 once I caught a fish alive

Friday: write the numbers 1-5,  1-10, or 1-20 and draw fish to match

Topic:  Friday 11th June celebrated World Ocean Day –  Dress up in blue any day this week and visit  for a range of activities.

PSHE: Monday choose from

Feelings – How does the rainbow fish feel or make the other fish feel at different intervals in the story? Draw some feelings faces

Dramatise and role play the scenes.

Write some feelings words onto fish templates.

What can we do to show how to be a good friend?

Design a friendship bracelet using colourful beads or buttons.

What makes you feel special?

What are your special things?

Tuesday Science; Choose from

Make, draw and label a fish body parts.

Look at different types of fish or ocean creatures and their habitats.

Look at waterproof or reflective materials.  

Create your own ocean tank (diorama) from a shoe or cereal box.

Wednesday Geog:

What and where is the Great Barrier Reef? Look at photos or watch a video about animals and plants that live there e.g. (watch blue ocean)

and Art: Create a drawing or painting of the rainbow fish using a variety of resources (ideas online) e.g.

Thursday DT: Make an underwater ‘Rainbow fish’ scene. Make plasticine, playdough or saltdough (if no dough use cardboard or an empty plastic bottle) and decorate a dough fish with craft e.g. sequins, buttons or beads (or even shiny materials like tinfoil and wrapping paper) or decorate a special box to keep your special things in.

Friday Music: Listen to the rainbow fish ‘special’ song (approx time 8:50 into the video) or Disney’s ‘Under the Sea’

Dance: Observe how different ocean creatures move.  Can you be a turtle, octopus, shark, whale, jellyfish, etc. Perform a dance to the music ‘Under the Sea’ from the Disney Little Mermaid Movie. (perhaps you could video your dance for me)


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